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Moving Corner Sliding Door

Without a structural post, the moving corner Sliding door will provide the ultimate wow factor when opened to expose the entire corner of your home and as it can span up to 6.7 metres per side in just two panes of glass, you will be left with uninterrupted views when the doors are closed.


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Joining two doors together at a 90° corner, the doors are mitred to 45° to close flush with each other. Slimline Aluminium frames and glass panels capable of spanning over 3 metres each allow for natural light to flood into you home.

Lift and Slide

As part of the Glide S range, the moving corner Sliding door features the same Lift and Slide operation. Lift gearing capable of coping with 400kg in an individual panel lifts the doors from the bottom rollers on to the top rollers allowing you to Slide them along effortlessly.

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