The Hurricane Test – Easifold Doors

It Was Never Going To Be A Holiday In Florida For The Easifold Door

Micky MiniIt Was Never Going To Be A Holiday In Florida For The Easifold Door. But then again Origin is no Micky Mouse manufacturer!

We all see Florida and America as a fun place for family holidays. However the United States of America can experience some of the most extreme conditions known to man. From massive snow drifts in the North East, bring City’s Such as New York to a grinding halt for days indeed weeks on end! To the Extreme heat and moisture in the South as you near the equator and the annual wave of severe winds and massive storm damage caused by the furious Hurricanes in what is colloquially known as Hurricane Season in Florida and all of the States surrounding the Mexican Gulf.

But for manufactures of high quality building products these are just environment’s in which there products must perform and perform well! That is why The Panoramic Door Company are always happy to see the engineering design specifications and the quality build of Origins range of fenestration products being continually put to the test!

As part of the Origin expansion into the USA they have had no qualms about putting their Easifold – folding Sliding doors through the most exacting test that America has hurricaneto offer! The Origin Door has been manufactured to such high standards that they are one of very few doors of this type to pass “Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone” testing standards; and all without detriment to its thermal efficiency.

The Origin Bifold door can with stand extreme pressure, high winds and water whilst protecting you from wind propelled air born debris should there be a need! And all this whilst maintaining your building thermal efficiency!

So, if you are thinking of buying an Origin Door or Window product or perhaps you have them already, then you can sleep well in knowing the ones in your house really do live up to reputation that they have protecting you from some of the worst conditions that Mother Nature deliver! And that the doors chosen by Americans, mainly to protect their families in these extreme environments are made here in the UK…….Eat your heart out Micky!

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