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FD85 Bifold Door

Released in mid – 2018, the FD85 has been designed around three core principles. Stunning aesthetics, security and thermal efficiency. Over three years in the making, the result is the FD85 is truly different to other Bifold doors.


Aiming to break the barriers of what can be achieved with a Bifold door, the FD85 can span up to 3m tall and 1.35m wide in each panel, meaning a 4m opening can be fitted with just three panels.

The FD85 is one of the narrowest Aluminium Bifold doors on the market with sightlines of just 105mm letting more light through each panel when the doors are closed.

Thermally Efficient

The FD85 remarkably returns U-Values of 1.3 with double glazing. The key to achieving this is the fully insulated thermal break. Not only is there a polyamide thermal barrier between the Aluminium to prevent cold bridging, the polyamide barrier is insulated with a Kooltherm K3 foam to ensure the least airflow.

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The unique Quad-Bolt locking operation has been designed specifically for the FD85 and has been test to the highest security standards. The FD85 is PAS 24 – 2016 certificated, the most rigorous security test for Bifold doors where 4 tonnes of pressure are exerted on the corners of the doors as part of the strength test. See the video to the right of the FD85 being tested.

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